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  2. I want to thank you for considering me for a position in NightStalkers. The guys i had the pleasure to play with are a good bunch of guys. I am withdrawing my application for membership into Nightstalkers as i feel my playing style does not compliment the Night Stalkers. thank you again for the consideration

    Loren Jaffery

  3. The Killers - The Man



  4. the reason I was curious where in Michigan you are, I was born and raised there

  5. Hey man, if you're needing someone to help Tek with NCO items I can probably give him a hand.  Not on as much right now as I'm in the middle of bidding season for work but it should die down in about a month.

  6. I'm happy to do EU time zone MRBC. NA timezones just too late for me
  7. As the title says. Na im lying, probably it´s only me that is searching (there´s a lack of euros with the smokejays). So what? I am searching for people that want to do a "start-up" team for MRBC EU (aiming for div E/D/hopely not C). I´m trying to get guys from other teams too (hope dies last). If you are in the euro time zone, have time for some "meet&greet" + some time for practice just post a "hello"...
  8. Hey man!  I'm told you're the man to talk to about all things SC.  Does NS have an org. in SC yet, and if so can I get an invite for me and a friend?  Let me know, thanks!

  9. Send me the link to the current schedule as I can't seem to find it anywhere.....

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