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  1. didnt you know we are forming the high command now?
  2. reitmeier! <3
  3. too bad and too late
  4. good luck to you guys
  5. I was wondering why you go by bravo whiskey charlie in mwo. Makes sense if there is a canon unit And yes we like our questions
  6. saturday my time. and yes i do normally work sundays as well though i will be present at a football game this sunday
  7. that works, just pop by our TS at look for either me, crockdaddy, percy, or wandering soul and we can help you. i should be on by 8 pm est tomorrow barring work being a killer
  8. ah fair enough, i forgot you were so far ahead
  9. stopped by your TS to say hi and you werent there
  10. man i knew i recognized your name lol. sup. yeah that would be good, as of now we are kinda do 12 man when we get 12, but i can arrange for getting 12 together for some joint matches
  11. personally im down for it \o/ see what everyone else thinks though