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  1. Hey man!  I'm told you're the man to talk to about all things SC.  Does NS have an org. in SC yet, and if so can I get an invite for me and a friend?  Let me know, thanks!

  2. I hate enjin too Funbags, but it's the first option that came up and no one rejected it. No one wanted to pay for a new site either. I suggested a kickstarter to help fund a more decent site, but enjin was cheaper.
  3. We're gonna be building an Enjin site first with basic layout and functionality as a HUB for DCMS units.
  4. I'm saddened by your leaving, Cham, but I know you're leaving on good terms. Just like I said to Time before his departure, I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield and drop with you when no one is on.