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  1. Zomg I read the first post and was like WTF is this! Sup Reitmeier
  2. Moved this to diplo section for ya so you can view everything. This is our first contact with your new unit as well
  3. We wish you only the best with your new endeavor. Cya on the battlefield.
  4. Dancing huh?]
  5. Private servers will make this a possibility. I know that last tourney rarely pitted us against any Kurita units and we had 4 dropping at the same time. So as soon as this is a real possibility we will be happy to drop vs anyone. Good to see you guys drop by!
  6. That's actually good so we can scrim vs one another. Look out for Jade wolf, Bravo whiskey charlie, Widowmakers depending on which group it really is. Good luck and we hope to see you at the finish line!